What is n core?

For some time now you would have noticed that multi core processors have become mainstream, if you happen to walk into any store the core2 duo, core 2 Quad, Quad core are all the processors that are available. Intel is on the way with the 8 core. N core is what you as a software vendor need to prepare for. With multi threaded software you were able to scale well on the dual core machines, now the test is whether the applications will scale as the no of cores increase. 

How do I scale my application for n core?
Two questions you will need answers here are 1. How many threads does my application have? 2. What is the expected performance of a system with n cores?

For the first question as to how many threads does my software have, more importantly the % parallel time, we will be launching in December Software assessment tools. The tool is free to use, a quick look at the user guide should have the development team using the tool in minutes.

 To predict performance of an application on n Core, take a look at this article that talks about measuring application performance on multi core. Measuring Application Performance on Multi-core Hardware


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